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Ford Settles Lawsuit, and then Lies Again

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Ford settled a class action lawsuit in Sacramento on Wednesday but then proceeded to lie to the public and media, claiming that the settlement ended all outstanding lawsuits against Ford stemming from Explorer rollovers.

As reported in this Associated Press article, Ford spokeswoman Kristen Kinley claimed that the settlement, which will provide vouchers to Explorer owners to buy other Ford vehicles, “ends all the outstanding lawsuits against Ford stemming from the Explorer rollovers.” That’s a lie. Ford’s credibility is as defective as the Explorer.

This settlement does not settle the case I am handling in which three people were killed on July 5 2006 in Menlo Park, Ca, including two members of the Tongan Royal Family. I am also handling another case in Albuquerque in which a teenaged male was killed in an Explorer rollover.

As noted by Bloomberg News, despite Wednesday’s settlement, “Ford still faces hundreds of lawsuits across the U.S. over personal injuries involving Explorer rollovers.”

SUV rollovers are still very frequent and real and should not be undermined by Ford spokespeople.

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